Kegel exercise

Methods of exercise

  • In case you go to the bathroom so frequently or unbearable, or in case you have the problem of incontinence, it may be improved by pelvic muscle exercise.
  • In case of frequent or unbearable urinations, pelvic muscle exercise can be performed together with bladder exercise.
  • The effects may come out upon seamless pelvic muscle exercise for 3 to 6 months at least.

If you follow the below, the exercise will become easier.


Take a rest for about 2 minutes on the chair with armrests. Open the legs somewhat, put the feet on the floor, lean on the back, and put the arms comfortably.


Hold it as if flatulence or diarrhea comes.


You may feel the sphincter of anus pulled up to the abdomen. Pull the muscle near anus. As such, anus will be strengthened, and you may feel pulled up and front.


Do not hold the breath, pull the legs, or pull the stomach so tight during pelvic muscle exercise.


Relieve what you contract.

  • Repeat this exercise upon maintaining contraction as long as you can.
  • With initiation of pelvic muscle exercise, the muscles used may be painful.
  • Pelvic muscle exercise can be performed in any postures.